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who are annoyed by, or
just plain hate, mimes.

What's the Big The Idea?

I can't be alone in thinking that the best place for mimes is a heavily guarded jail cell. The thought of walking down the pier, enjoying a beautiful day in the sunshine, and being suddenly (but silently) confronted by a mime "performance" is not exactly terrifying, just overwhelmingly annoying.

Like its counterpart, ihateclowns.comopens in a new browser window, is official site for people who are annoyed by, or just plain hate, mimes. You can read about why I hate mimes (and why you should to), you can get free email, play some cool anti-mime games, buy some cool anti-mime products, and speak your mind in the mimeblog.

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mimeblog - what's news

Which do you hate more? Clowns or Mimes? - in: mimelog — by: Rodney @ February 3, 2010 - Comments (0)

Here’s your chance to voice your opinion (unlike those annoying mimes who never say anything :)

Which do you hate more: Mimes or Clowns?

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two cool mime/clown t-shirts from threadless - in: mimelog,news — by: Rodney @ February 2, 2006 - Comments (0)

Threadless recently printed 2 cool t-shirts that are perfect for the clown or mime hater.

Here’s the anti-mime one: Product - Best Mime Ever

Here’s the anti-clown one: Product - The Morning After

I already bought mine…go get yours :)


new funny flash game added - in: news — by: Rodney @ September 2, 2005 - Comments (0)

The Mime Mayhem game is officially complete.

This is your chance to get revenge on annoying mimes blasting our new anti-mime mascot out of a cannon. How far can you get the mime to fly? The top 10 high scores are saved for bragging rights.

Mime Mayhem Screenshot


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i hate mimes t-shirtGet the T-Shirt

Nothing says "i hate mimes" like a super comfy, 100% cotton, professionally screen printed t-shirt. Something you can wear with pride for years and years. Even clowns like this t-shirt! The puffy raised lettering will surely make you stand out in a crowd and get noticed. This t-shirt is so cool, it makes mimes talk.

Are you ready to express yourself? - Get the T-Shirt.

We also have a cool new anti-mime t-shirt design we like to call "monochromatic moron". It features our new ihatemimes logo shown at the top of the site (the jailed mime image) and the text "monochromatic moron" labeling the mime. It's simple and poetic. Check out the design here and see for yourself!

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