play some cool anti
mime flash games.
have fun please.


Take a break from your workday, schoolday, or any-type day and play some of our cool anti-mime flash games below. We hope to add more original games for you in the near future, so stay tuned to page for the latest updates.

mime mayhem screenshot

This is your chance to get rid of a mime by blasting him with a cannon.Let’s see how far you can blast the mime! The top 10 high scores are saved for bragging rights.

No mimes were hurt in the filming of this fun game.

Go Cause Some Mime Mayhem.

slap a mime screenshot

Here’s a game that’s not really a “game”, more of a way to take out your anti-mime aggression in a nice safe manner.

Have you ever been confronted by an annoying mime and just wanted to back slap them into next week? Here’s your chance!

Go slap a mime.