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i hate mimes t-shirtGet the T-Shirt

Nothing says “i hate mimes” like a super comfy, 100% cotton, professionally screen printed t-shirt. Something you can wear with pride for years and years. Even clowns like this t-shirt! The puffy raised lettering will surely make you stand out in a crowd and get noticed. This t-shirt is so cool, it makes mimes talk.

Are you ready to express yourself? – Get the T-Shirt.


i hate mimes t-shirtWe also have a cool new anti-mime t-shirt design we like to call "monochromatic moron".

It features our new ihatemimes logo shown at the top of the site (the jailed mime image) and the text "monochromatic moron" labeling the mime.

It’s simple and poetic. Check out the design here and see for yourself!


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Coffee Cups, Stickers and Hoodies…oh my!

Our store at CafePress carries a wide selection of merchandise including cool euro style oval stickers, hoodies, coffee cups, license plate frames and more. If you’re a true mime hater, be sure to shop til the mime drops!