why I hate mimes...
and a few reasons why you
should hate mimes too. ihatemimes.com

why I hate mimes

So people always ask me…hey Rodney, now that you’ve made it known via ihateclowns.com that you are an avid hater of clowns, how do you feel about their “cousins” in greasepaint: mimes?

Let the record show: i hate mimes too!

Now, my problem with mimes isn’t as terrifying or as hate-filled as my issue with clowns. I really don’t think there is a fear of mimes that is as prevelant as the widespread fear of clowns. Mimes offer more of an annoyance by their lack of sound, lack of color and their obvious lack of imagination.

Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Too

  • 11. mimes only think inside the box.
  • 10. mimes don’t wear the color orange (my favorite color :))
  • 9. mimes and clowns are greasepaint cousins.
  • 8. mimes don’t communicate very well. speak dammit!
  • 7. you can’t trust people that frown all the time.
  • 6. you can’t trust people who wear gloves all the time.
  • 5. pantomime seems to be big with the french.
  • 4. even clowns don’t like mimes.
  • 3. during the Elizabethan period, mime performances were called an Elizabethan Dumb Show.
  • 2. mimes are monochromatic morons.
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